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The latest Enivos 2.0 from ams Osram provides more precise resolution and smaller pixesl for LED headlamps

ams Osram has launched an innovational automotive light source Eviyos 2.0 for automotive forward lighting recently. Featuring 25,600 individually controllable LEDs with a pixel pitch of 40 μm, this intelligent multipixel LED chip can illuminate the desired road in high beam pattern without making glare for pedestrians while projecting high-resolution images onto road surface for display warning or guiding drivers past something . For xample, the said intelligent headlights can display a snowflake symbo to show icy or slippery conditions so as to raise awareness and avoid car accidents.
The brief introduction about the latest  Eviyos 2.0 chip from ams Osram

Featuring in high-output and high-efficiency,this energy-saving automotive light source Eviyos 2.0 can energize the necessary LEDs to ensure perfect visions for drivers and reduce lighting waste. With a compact 40 mm2 design, this LED chip can be integrated into sleek LED headlamp assemble easily for 1:4 (25,600 pixels)or 1:3 (19,200 pixels) aspect ratio.

Now Italia-based  Marelli has introduced Eviyos 2.0 into its h-Digi MicroLED. The Marelli MicroLED system combines a special optical len system and an electronics control so as to achieve ten times more precise resolution and pixels smaller than 0.1 degrees compared with conventional LED glare-free LED headlight in high beam. More and more famous auto makers and Tier One suppliers will be adopting Eviyos 2.0 in this new concept car models in near future.
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