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The latest Q6 e-tron from Audi will come with world-leading OLED rear lights and unique designs of head lights

Q6 e-tron that is the latest electric SUV produced by AUDI will be launched with two world-leading OLED rear lights. Involving with tailights, the second-generation digital OLED rear lights will provide higher level road safety.
The latest OLED rear lights on Audi EV Q6 e-tron
With a communication light in the Q6 e-tron, the latest OLED rear lights can warn other drivers of possible danger on the road, for example, a crash or a sudden traffic halt might occur.

Thanks to the data collected from the swarm, its communication light can be activated with warning symbols from various warning siginals such as rear-end collision warning, emerency support, or even the danger warning lights,etc.Besides, the communication light can inform cars or motorcyclists that a Q6 e-tron is there.A light display will warn drivers approaching from the rear so as to improve saftey for all pedestrians. The communication light also displays a unique light signature showing that a car is parking there.

In addition to its advanced technical features, the design of the lights are eye-catching. The segments per individual OLED panel have been up to 60 from the 6, which totally is up to 360 segements in the OLED rear lights. With 3D glass rather than traditional reflectors or light guide, the OLED head lights can create an illusional and three-dimensional lights on a two-dimensional ground. Besides the standard lighting signature, the other 8 customization designs will will make a random choice of new signature possible via the myAudi app or MMI system. That is not all, by optional packages, there are six more signatures with unique Home/Leave home desigins for customization. By myAudi app, drivers can even show various features by giving them a preview of whater other pedestrians can see, such as on-demand high-beam support and Matrix package.

At the front of Q6 e-tron, Audi install resigned digital daytime running lights and light modules based on 70 individual LEDs designed as transparent 3D objects so as to make its front headlights design more unique, which can compete with other EVs such as Mercedes EQE, Tesla Model Y, and several other high-end luxury EVs.
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