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Marelli and ams Osram launch a newest type of h-digi microLED system for auto front lightings

Cooperating with world-famous LED supplier ams OSRAM, Italian automotive components supplier Marelli have launched a newest type of h-digi microLED system that enables headlight operation and imager projection better.

Based on a matrix illumination system, this latest high-resolution system features in about  40,000 LED pixels (20,000 per lamp), which can intelligently manage the LEDs selectively to create flexible low-beam and high-beam light distributions and meet different requirements of driving situations such as town,country,motorway or poor weather. The newest h-Digi microLED system can not only project warnings or driver assistance images on the road but also provide compact design and high energy efficiency.
 h-digi microLED system developed by Marelli and Ams Osram
Based on Osrams light source Eviyos 2.0, the Marelli microLED module can provide dynamic curve light and precise glare-free high beam block out zones to avoid blinding the drivers on the road. Enhanced level of adaptability of illumination field is achieved with the help of a special optical len system and a new electronic control.

With a LED size of 40 μm x 40 μm, the resolution of this newest maxtrix illumination system is 10 times more precise than conventional LED glare-free high beam systems on the market. This newest system opens doors to applying the technology also in mid-level car segments.With h-Digi microLED system, Marelli is leading the trend of next generation of digitial auto led lights.
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