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Apple might be the pioneer to introduce microLED displays into vehicles

As we know, Apple always kicks off a new revolutional trend in the mobile phone world, it might be the same story in the auto industry.
MicroOLED display in the cabin of car
The apple electric vehicle due in 2025 or 2026, Apple car could adopt microLED technology to its cars. Apple had planned to swich from OLED to microLED on its smartwatch in the year 2025. Also, Apple might introduce microLED technology to more products such as headset,smartphones in addition to automobile.

After microLEDs has entered Apple cars, other auto makers might follow suit to expand the applications of microLED. The microLED display can achieve power saving feature,increased brightness and long reliability. Apple car might be the pioneer to adopt microLED displays if it really can meet the release date in the 2025. The cabin might be transformed to a mobile living room with microLED technology for more full self-driving capabilities finally.

This year, Apple will launch a new-generation CarPlay to demontrate its integration with more vehicle functions and collect additional data.MicroLED displays and applications will be seen more and more in other electric cars in USA,Japan and Europe.
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