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The newest Philips led chips can acheive easier and faster ugrading and tuning on led headlights

Philips LED headlights for easy tuning
With the latest Philips Ultinon Access led chips, it will become easier and quicker to upgrade your car led lights.

You will enjoy the following features and benefits of extra brightness and super lighting performance based on proven Philips quality.

Hassle-free kits for easy installation.
Philips Ultinon Access LED chips have ultra-compact body and integrated IEC 60061 base with direct-fit footprint like halogen bulb for straightforward installation in tight space, which can be widely compatible with most of the car models that have H7/H18 type bulg interfaces. So you do not need to worry about compatibility issues or adapter rings.

Brighter, farther light beam pattern
With white color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, the newest Philips Ultinon Access LED chips can achieve more than 80% more brightness, which means better on-road vision for better driving experiences and ability to see obstacles sooner to avoid any traffic accidents.

Longer lifetime and more durability

Based on strigent Philips quality policies, Philips have made rigorous tests on  Ultinon Access LED chips to ensure long-term performance durability.

In comparison, the said LED chips can achieve three times of the lifespan compared with equivalent halogen bulbs during their operation.

International standards met
Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs have been designed to comply with world automotive-industry standards without any EMI interference. They can be easily integrated seamlessly into the lighting systems of most of the vehicles for easy tuning and upgrading without troubles. 
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