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ams Osram has launched a latest OSIRE® E3731i scheme for intelligent ambient lighting in cabin

In recent years, many automakers are tuning car ambient lighting in the cabin. The car ambient lighting could be many color and even could change color  would make the cabin nicer and luxury. 

The world leading ams Osram has developed a newest OSIRE® E3731i to achieve more excited imaginations in the cabin of a car. The OSIRE® E3731 solution can combine highly efficient red,green and blue LED chips with digitial IC in a single and compact package.The E3731i can work on a new Open System Protocol (OSP) this is free to use for auto maker, the OSP can help all of the compatible devices such as LEDs,microcontrollers and sensors communicate over a 
standard serial bus.

In doing so,the E3731i kit can intelligently control the inside cable ambient lightings in tune with the requirements.1,000 E3731i LEDs daisy-chained together are controlled by a single microcontroller. The OSP can enable the microcontroller to make many dynamic lighting effects such as color changes and sequential switching for a linear array below the windshield to point left or right or in the door panel to strobe a warning light to warn pedestrian.

Based on thousands of E3731i LEDs, the newest  intelligent ambient lighting scheme can achieve perfect uniformity of color and intensity owing to on-chip memory to save pre-set optical calibration data and temperature sensor to enable temperature compensation for color shifts.

The newest OSIRE® E3731i technology developed by ams Osram can acheive easy integration of common automotive electronics and inside cabin ambient lights that can respond fast to high-frequency control signals. More and more auto makers will adopt this newest technology to the cabins of the vehicles for more dynamic and intelligently controlled ambinent lighting purpose.
The ambient lighting can intelligently change in the cabin

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