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Samsung has launched a latest series of CSP LED chips line-up for automotive led lights applications

varied Fx-CSP led chips from Samsung
Samsung has launched a newest series of chip scale package (CSP) LEDs for automotive led lights recently. The new Fx-CSP chip line-up will help achieve design flexibility and cost competitiveness. 

This multi-chip array technology can provide an advanced combination of chip-scale packaging and flexible circuit board technology so as to enable more compact chip sizing and higher degree of reliablity. The design of flexbile pcba can dissipate more heat to result in lower resistance and greater degree of lumen-per-watt efficiency compared with ceramic pcba. Also, car light designers can achieve different led lighting configurations by different chip arragements such as a single chip, a 1 by 4, or a 2 by 6 multi-chip arrangement based on this newest CSP LED chip line-up. In doing so, the latest FX-SCP chips can be widedly used to design led positon lamps, LED daytime running lights, LED headlamps that need higher lumen and long time reliablity.

Briefly, the FX-CSP leds chips cover single packages Fx1M and Fx1L that respectively has 1-3 watts each besides FX4 packages with a 14 W high voltage array,  

Fx2x6 with 40 W high voltage array. The varied wattages can meet requirements of wide range of exterior auto led lights. For example, The Fx1M CSP LED arrangement is often used for LED DRL and LED position lamp,the Fx1L CSP LED arrangement is often used for LED DRL,the Fx4 CSP led arrangment is widely installed on LED headlamp,light guide type LED daytime running lamp.The Fx2x6 chip arrangement is adpoted by high beam and low beam LED headlamp. 

It is said that BMW who is well-known auto maker has introduced the latest Fx-CSP chip line-up to its LED headlamp project for its electric car project this year.

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