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The brief market survey about the bicycle lights market in the world from 2023 to 2030

The global market status of bicycle lights
The total market volume of bicycle lights around the world is valued up to about USD 368 million in the year 2023, it is estimated that the new market volume will be up to USD 644 million by the year 2030 at a CAGR of 8.5%.

The market growth of bicycle lights arise from the development of bicycle market. Bicycle lights can help bicycle riders during poor weather while they can illuninate traffic signs.Sometimes, powerful lights of bicycles are needed for mountaineering and adventure purposes. Several factors faciliate the development of the market of bicycles, such as traffic congestion,urbanization and more and more environmental concerns, the importance of health and fitness 
in and after coronavirus pandemics.

Based on voltage, the bike lights market is clssified into 12v,36v and 48V DC. Nowdays, the 12V lights dominates the biggest marketshare in the world. China  is the largest exporter of these lights that are generally cheap, simple with voltage capacities ranging mostly from 5V to 12V DC.The 36V DC lights are often used for urban bikes, city bikes and some mountain bikes, these lights are sold much to US and Europe. The 48V DC type is orimarily used in mountain,racing and eilite bicycle brands. Some bright led work lights are installed onto some high end bicycles in bike adventure activities and offroad driving. 

Basically, there are headlights and tailights on the bicycle lights market. The headlights market is the largest, taillights are used for rider saftey.

Geographically, the bicycle lights market cover across north America,Europe, Asia, Latin America, the middle east&Africa.

The Europe market is the largest in the world because many people daily commute by bicycles with company-fitted bicycle lights. Also, e-bike is highest adoption in Europe, in some European countries such as it is a compulsory requirements to sell bicycle with bicycle lights in Germany,Denmark and Netherlands. 

Latin America, the middle east&Africa is the second largest market in the world. The Asia pacific market ranks the third, Chinese bicycles sharing companies are agressively targeting some countries such as India,Australia,Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

In north America, professional bicycle riders dominates the market, they have more and more increased awareness on bike rider safety by mandating riders installation of bicycle lights at least in the dark.

The bicycle lights market is much competive and fragmented . Some are bicycle manufacturers and distributors that also sell distribture bicycle lights and accessories. Lupine lightinng systems GmbH is one of the first companines that switch from halogen lights to LED lamps completely. Most of its bicycle lights are produced in Germany and neighbouring countries to achieve the highest standard of performance and durability.

All in all, the following companies are the major players in the market of bicycle lights nowadays,whose ranking sequence does not stand for their dominance in the world. 

1) Trek Bicycle Corporation (US)
2) Knog (Australia)
3) Lupine Lighting Systems (Germany)
4) Princeton tec. (U.S.)
5) Dinotte Lighting (U.S)
6) Garmin  (Switzerland)
7) Lezyne (US)
8) Kryptonite (US)
9) Cygolite (US)
10)BBC Cycling (Netherlands)
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