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What are the major differences between matrix LED headlight and conventional laser driving lights

With the quick developments of automotive led lights, we might often hear about matrix LED headlights. And we wonder what they are and why they are more advanced compared with the conventional laser driving lights.

Briefly, a matrix LED headlight is an adaptive driving beam (ADB) system equipped with an array of individually addressable and controllable LEDs which work together with an electronic control unit (ECU) and traffic detection device for improved driving visibility without glare during night driving.
the illuminating difference between conventional laser driving light and HD matrix LED headlight

Let us refer to the following technological differences between matrix LED headlights and conventional laser driving lights.

A) Matrix LED headlights:

1)Technology: It adopts multiple LED chips in a cluster.
2)Beam control: Individual LEDs can be turned on and off or dimmed to create a precise beam pattern. This will achieve features like adaptive high beams that automatically adjust to avoid blinding oncoming drivers, while still providing excellent visibility.

1)More versatile light control ,Good balance between brightness and preventing glare for oncoming traffic
2)Generally less expensive than laser headlights

B) Conventional Laser driving lights:

1)Technology: It installs laser diodes and optical len to achieve a supoer bright, focused beam of light for far away illumination.
2)Beam control: Less flexible beam control compared to matrix LEDs. Laser headlights typically only be turned on at high speeds on highways when theres no oncoming traffic.

1)Extremely long throw of light for superior visibility at high speeds
2)Very energy efficient

1)Legal restrictions in some areas for traffic saftey because of the possibility for blinding oncoming drivers

2)More expensive than matrix LED headlights

In short, both types of lamps achieve great improvements over traditional halogen headlights. If you prefer precise beam control to avoid blinding other drivers and a good balance between price and performance,you can choose matrix LED headlights. 

If you focus more on maximum visibility at high speeds on open roads in some area without legal restrictions, and cost is less of a concern, laser headlights might be your better option.
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