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Model no: TH-LB933
Product name: 72W 12 inch double-row LED off-road light bar


. Material: 6063 aluminum profile, stainless steel bracket, PC Lens.
. LED Light Bar of Low Current Draw means no harms to battery and save gas.
. Designed To Withstand Any Condition, 6063 Aluminum Body For Strength And Durability.
. Vertical Fins Maximize Heat Dissipation,Advanced Heat Sink Designed To Prolong The Life Of The LEDs.
. Wide operating voltage range: it can apply to different types of trucks, Off-road vehicles, 4x4 vehicles, Military, Mining, Boating, Farming, Heavy-duty vehicles, etc.
. The light output of these LED light bars is simply phenomenal, they produce a mass of clean white daylight (5000k), free of artifical focus and dead spots. They light the entire front of viewing area, giving greater visibility without eye fatigue.
. Their super efficient reflector uses patented Hybrid Technology, allowing these lights to runs at 93% optical efficiency, which is unmatched in the industry. Each LED light bar consists of two rows of high intensity LEDs, each sitting in their patented reflector assembly, measuring about 1 inch square. Each LED is independent, so if one LED fails, the other LEDs in the LED light bar still works well.

12 inch 72W Dual Row LED Light Bar


Model no: TH-LB933
Product name: 72W 12 inch double-row LED off-road light bar

. LED power: 72 W
. double-stack LED off-road light bar                               
. Theoretical Lumens Output: 7200 LM
. Operating Lumens Output: 5040 LM

. Operating voltage: 9V-60V DC
. LED: 24 pcs*3W (CREE LED)
. Len material:PC
. Size: 305*73*107mm
. Beam: Pencil beam or Flood beam or combo
. LED color temperature: 5000K, 6500K
. Working life: 50000 hours
. Waterproof rate: IP67, IP6K9K, SAE J1455
. Working temperature: -40~ 85℃

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