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Model no: TH-FB944
Product name: 180W 15 inch quad-row LED off-road light bar

. The Combo beam offers Flood style illumination and the Spots provide more dense, further reaching light.
. 6063 aluminum profile, stainless steel bracket, PC Lens
. Designed To withstand Any Condition, 6063 Aluminum Body For Strength And Durability.
. LED Light Bar of Low Current Draw means no harms to battery and save gas.
. Extruded oversized heatsink. Managing the heat produced by LED will ensure long life, Cree LED lamps will ensure consistent performance for over 50,000 hours reliability.
. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: 15 Inch 180W Quad Row LED Light Bar can be used in the rain or harsh environments.
. Wide operating voltage range: it can apply to different types of trucks, Off-road vehicles, 4x4 vehicles, Military, Mining, Boating, Farming, Heavy-duty vehicles, etc.
. The light output of these LED light bars is simply phenomenal, they produce a mass of clean white daylight (5000k), free of artificial focus and dead spots. They light the entire forward viewing area, giving greater visibility without eye fatigue.
. Their super efficient reflector uses patented Hybrid Technology, allowing these lights to runs at 93% optical efficiency, which is unmatched in the industry. Each LED light bar consists of two rows of high intensity LEDs, each sitting in their patented reflector assembly, measuring about 1 inch square. Each LED is independent, so if one LED fails, the other LEDs in the LED light bar still works well.
. This light bar is very good for a Jeep, perfect for front mounted placement for maximum light. Besides being suitable for the Jeep lovers, it fits the front of most 4×4 vehicles offering massive light from this powerful LED Light Bar.

15 Inch 180W Quad Row LED Light Bar

Model no: TH-FB944

Product name: 180W 15 inch quad-row LED off-road light bar

Product description:

. LED Power: 180W
. Voltage: 9-60V
. Theoretical Lumens Output: 18000 LM
. Operating Lumens Output: 13000 LM
. LEDs: 60pcs*3W (CREE LED)
. Lens material: PC
. Size: 368*167*93mm
. Beam: Combo beam or Pencil beam or Flood beam
. LED color temperature: 5000K, 6500K
. Working life: 50000 hours
. Waterproof rate: IP67, IP6K9K, SAE J1455
. Working temperature: -40~ 85℃

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