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BMW Highlights latest LED Headlights

BMW i8 Concept cars latest LED lights on the show.


German car manufacturer BMW gives an in depth  introduction on its latest LED lights in its concept car BMW i8. The car maker claims the new LED headlights high beam lights are capable of emitting lights at longer range of 600 meters compared to normal LED high beam’s 300 meters. The new technology is yet to proliferate, according to a article by CarScoop.


Another article by WorldCarFans pointed out BMW did not go into specifics in the introduction but had previously said the “light is created through the conversion of the beams emitted by tiny laser diodes by means of fluorescent phosphor material inside the headlight.” This method can create a monochromatic beam of light that is extremely bright and purely white. The article also noted, these latest automotive LED lights have an output of approximately 170 lumens which is about 70 lumens more than traditional vehicular LED lights.

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