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multi purpose and multi color rechargeable LED work light for wide range of indoor and outdoor applications

Technical specifications of our 36W multi color rechargeable led work light
Portable and rechargeable LED work light is the best solution for car repair and work lighting because they have different functions and brightness to suit different requirements of work. Also, rechargeable LED work lights are easy to carry and long-lasting, saving you the money for buying new bulbs every few months. Teehon 36w Epistar rechargable LED work lights are among the best bright work light on the market and are loved by many buyers, when you are looking for a LED work light to light up an entire workshop or a pocket light for small tasks.

In our search for the best portable LED work light, we have mentioned what a good work light needs to be: criteria like lumen output, cord length, ease of use, build quality, reliability, and price. We also make sure to pay attention to quality safety standards and waterproof ratings.

The Teehon rechargeable 36W Epistar led work light is a popular choice for its brightness, energy efficiency, and impressive reliablity. 1320 lumen rechargeable LED work light features easy and convenient mounting – perfect for garage setups. The magnetic mount and hand strap make it easy to mount to a ceiling surface or hang by hand or attach to your car door. It has a simple cigaretter power socket with 24AWG power cable to charge the embedded lithium 
battery. What is worth mentioning is that this rechargable also adopts the IP65 waterproof technology, which makes it the best choice for many people.

Made of diecast aluminum housings, this mutil color led work lights comes in standard color mode of red/blue and white, other color modes such as amber and white, amber,red white or other color modes can be custom-made according to your specific requirements.
The portable led work light and its power charging accessories
This waterproof and rechargeable LED work light has 3 lighting modes in terms of illumination,warning,SOS to light up your garage space with ease. The light casts an even light in wide beam, which is very useful when finishing projects in the garage. This light comes with a N52 grade powerful magnetic base that’s strong enough to illuminate most countertops. It’s also great for nighttime outdoor projects or outdoors camping and off-road driving experience for 
danger warning due to its portability and water resistance. Use it to add convenient, energy-efficient, and safe lighting to your garage and outdoor activities.

This portable led work light is a great option, designed for those who want to get the most out of their work. Whether you’re working on a late-night workshop or under the car for emergency repairs on the road, this magnetic LED work light come in handy. This rechargeable lamp provides bright illumination for almost any dark environment and are designed for efficiency and ease of use in garage or outside. Being able to stick it to any steel surface is a huge 
advantage over other products and helps us work better and easier in the industry.

Our 36W magnetic LED Work Light is packed in waterproof bag in paper box, including cigarette power sockets with cable. Lightweight, compact and practical, these lights are suitable for almost any scene outside. There’s an on/off switch on the right side that lets you switch between light settings, while the right side contains a waterproof rubber flap with a charging port. 
The standard pack of our 36W Epistar LED work light
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