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Model no: TH-JD0136SE
Product name: 12 inch 36w Epistar LED dash warning light for multi-purpose danger warning and emmergency illumination

.  embedded lithium embedded battery for easy portablity
.  magnet on right side and bottom for secured mounting
.  Hand strap is avaiable, cigarette power adaptor is also available for recharging
. Long life: 3W Epistar LED, more than 30000 hours life 
. rigid Aluminum casing can be used to break the glass window for excape when dangers occured in a car 
. IP67 Waterproof and durable: It can be used inside a car or outside at the back of a car for LED warning lamp
. One year warranty for natural defectiveness.

The demonstration of the multi-purpose LED dash warning light after it is powered on

Model no: TH-JD0136SE
Product name: 12" 36w Epistar LED dashboard panel indicator light for multi-purpose illumination

Technical index:
*9~60V DC working voltage
*IP67 waterproof
*12*3W Epistar
*2 working modes switchable: white color steady on, blue/red color flash
rechargable 6000mAH Lithium battery is embedded in the lamp, cigarette power socket is available for easy charging in a car
*White color for illumination, blue/red color for warning
*magnets on the bottom & right side for quick mounting
*Diecast aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens
*Dimension: 30*4*5.1CM

This IP67 LED lamp can be installed at the back of car for backward warning lamp when emergency occurs.

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