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Nichia has launched improved deep UVC LED for faster and safer disinfection

Japanese LED supplier Nichia has successfully launched an improved deep UVC LED with stronger capability to destroy coronavirus. 

The deep UVC LED was developed by Nichia and a team of researchers from Tokushima University.Scientific tests proved that a UVC LED with a wavelength of 280nm and a radiant flux of 70mW can kill 99.99% of coronaviruses on a surface within 5cm or less at least 30 seconds.

A study by Nichia and the Tokushima team reveals that UVC LED sterilizer at the wavelength of 265nm can acheive the best disinfection . However, for a 260nm UVC LED, its lifespan is only 2,000 hours. When developing this newest deep UV LED, Nichia adjusted the wavelength to 280nm and raised the radiant flux to 70mW compared with the radiant flux of 35mW for a 265nm LED).
The improved deep UVC LED from Nichia whose wavelength is 260nm
The protype of deep UVC LED from Nichia, working at the wavelength of 260nm

In doing so, the newly UVC LED kill the virus 1.3 times more compared with a 265nm LED. Also, this improved UVC LED has a working life of around 20,000 hours, or 10 times longer than that of a 265nm LED. In this way, Nichia and the Tokushima team have created a deep UV LED that offers greater durability and better performance than ever before.

Further experiments proved deep UVC LED from Nichia can nearly disinfect nearly all of surface pathogens on hands by irradiating UVC light from a distance of 5cm for 30 seconds. This will be a faster and economical solution for commercial and public applications.
The comparison between the wavelength of 265nm and 280nm
The comparision between the lab tests on disinfection effect between 265nm and 280nm uvc led
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