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Model no: TH-ZG01
Product name: portable UVC LED sterilizer of aluminum housing for disinfection in vehicles and office

.  Wide applications for disinfection: suitable for cars,bedroom, small office,etc
.  pause the button on the top for 3 seconds,you will hear continuously audible beeper sounds for 10 seconds, 99.9% sterilization to kill covid-19 and other bacterium after about 5 minutes
.  600mAh built-in lithium battery for easy portablity
.  30cm USB cable with USB type-c interfance for convenient power charging
. safe UV wavelength (265nm) to avoid hurting human skin,360 degrees rotating disinfection, environment friendly RoHS compliant components are used
. Optional color of aluminum housing: red or silver color
. One year warranty for natural defectiveness.

Model no: TH-ZG01
Product name: mini and handy UVC LED lamp sterilizer of aluminum housing for disinfection in cars, small office,bedroom 

Technical index:
*Ultraviolet wavelength: 265nm
*Emitting angle:3 sides, 360 degrees 
sterilizing rate:99.99%
*power supply:built-in lithium battery
*power consumption: 3.6w
*battery capacity: 600mAh
*Battery charging interface: USB type-c
*30cm USB cable is available
*Charging voltage: DC 5V
*Optional aluminum alloy body housing: red or silver
*Operating button:on/off
*Battery level indicator: support
*Life span:5,000 hours
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