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UV LED applications and market are still enlarging in the year 2021

booming applications of uv led products in the year 2021
Deep UV LED includes UV-B LED and UV-C LED, and there ware many constantly emergining applications in previous year 2020. The world-famous UV LED players such as Seoul Viosys, Asahi Kasei (Crystal IS), San’an, Nichia, OSRAM, Violumas, Stanley, LITEON, Samsung LED (2H21), etc. have kept launching high optical power UV-C LED with high reliability , which will in turn provide more applications for UV-C LED market.
UV LEDs do not require warm-up time while it is free of mercury.They are safer and durable with a longer lifespan, less energy cost and less thermal loss. Also, UV-C LED works at single waveband and needs to improve optical power. With the strength of miniaturized light source, it can suitable for the application of small space, surface and air conditioning disinfection.

In the previous year 2020, portable uvc led sterilizer was in booming demand arising from covid-19 outbreak, 3-5mW UV-C LEDs are the hot sell items.Since earlier 2021, UV-C LED products manufactuers from China, Europe, the US, Korea and Japan have begun to insall UV-C into their new home appliances. The famous manufacturers will put air sterilization market on priority in the year 2021. 20-50mW UV-C LEDs are the mainstream specification for this field. Besides home appliances, UV-C LED markets cover automotive air-conditioning, commercial use, flowing water sterilization, industry and manufacturing, factory automation applications, medical application, etc in the year 2021.

According to the market survey report by TrendForce, the scale of UV-C LED market is still quickly becoming bigger, it is estimated that the volume of UV LED market will be up to  USD 2.396 billion in the year 2025 with a CAGR of 51% during 2020-2025.
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