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LED strobe work lights improve safety and efficiency for vehicles,boats and emergency lighting outdoors

Sometimes, vehicles need LED warning lights for emergency illumination and warning to both oncoming vehicles and pedestrians nearby. This type of exterior LED emergency lights can help clear way for emergency vehicles, attracting people eyesight when they are on the move. Compared with the more traditional lighting solutions, our LED strobe work lights can provide durable, energy-saving and easy-to-use option for police cruisers and ambulances and even military vehicles.

Long-lasting and energy-save LEDs

LEDs in LED Strobe Lights can last longer than more traditional bulbs. Many people use them in reading inside vehicles or emergency lighting for repairs so as for better convenience and to save money. The longer life of LEDs means less maintenance needed, so it reduces waste and cost, giving tens of thousands of hours of operating time. Many of our lights, such as our dual color led strobe work lights made of diecast aluminum housings are rated for 30,000 hours+!

energy saving comparisons between different lighting solutions

Energy Efficiency

All of our LED strobe work lights can achieve superior energy efficiency while its lighting performance is not compromised. Basically, they just use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and about 60% less than xenon flash tubes, so our multi-color LED strobe lights are an highly cost-effective solution 
for emergency service providers.

Durable LED strobe Lights

LED strobe work lights are so important for a vehicle when emergency occurs. You can be assured that they will not fail when you need them most. They use semiconductor materials and the LED chips that are not covered in glass like other traditional bulbs. LED lights are more durable in harsh environments such as strong vibrations or shock, so they are much suitable for emergency vehicles that need to travel at high speed sometimes on unpredictable bump.

Instant and Controllable LED Light

After it is powered up, the LED strobe light can begin to strobe immediately. Xenon strobe lights might need little time to warm up and turn on, so slight delay might be needed. LED strobe light is also easy to control, by preset levels of output and customization programming, it can be set to the correct brightness and pattern before it works.

Because of the above-mentioned features, we have launched a series of dual color or triple LED strobe work lights made of Epistar,2835 SMD or 3030 SMD LED chips for cars (and even boats) in different emergency illumination contexts. Please check more at our LED strobe auxiliary light.

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