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. Multi purpose application: it can be installed onto commercial vehicles,tractors or off-road jeeps for driving illumination and danger warning
. Long life: real power 1w 3030 SMD LED for excellet heat dissipation, more than 30000 hours life 
. 4.5" popular round share for universal installation
. Aluminum casing, shock-proof waterproof better 
. Soft Light perception: ECE compliant for safe illumination, E-mark R65 compliant to prevent glare 
. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can work in the rain or harsh environments
. One year warranty for natural defectiveness

This 4.5" popular amber white dual color strobe LED auxiliary light is suitable for eye catching danger warning in foggy night while necessary illumination if required.

Demonstration about our 4.5 inch round amber white 33w strobe LED auxiliary light
33w 4.5 inch amber+white dual color round strobe LED auxilary light for off-road jeeps and commercial vehicles

Model no: TH-W0233Z+RXD
Name:33w strobe LED auxiliary light

Product Description:
. LED power: 33w
. Operating voltage:9-60V DC
. Waterproof rate: IP67
. 9pcs*1W 3030 SMD (white color LED)+24pcs*1W 3030 SMD (amber color LED)
. Color of housing: black
. Optional Colors of LED: white and amber, other colors are available according to specific order requirement
. Material: Diecast aluminum housing
. Flashing modes: white color steady ON,white and amber color steady ON,amber color steady ON,amber color flickering
. Lens material:PC
. easy to install by auxiliary mounting kit
. Beam type: combo beam 
. 50000 hours above life time
* Size of the lamp:114*114*48mm
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