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International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) is working hard to compile uniform UVC disinfection criteria

Established in the year 1999, The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) is a nonprofit organization to focus on the application of UVC technologies for the public health and environmental concerns.

Based on some verified test results, UVC led sterilizer can prevent the COVID-19 transmission by reducing contamination for sure. UVC is often installed in clinical or other public places to improve quarantine and existing protocols for public health during the covid-19 pandemics.

COVID-19 infections can be caused by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching facial areas. Normal cleaning and disinfection may deter some residual contamination, which UVC can treat suggesting that a multiple disinfectant approach is prudent. UVC light has been proven to achieve a high level of inactivation on  COVID-19 virus . IUVA believes similar results can be expected when treating COVID-19’s virus, SARS-CoV-2. 

IUVA also follows CDC guidance to hospitals that the germicidal effectiveness of UVC is influenced by the UVC absorbing properties of the suspension, the surface or aerosol that the organism is in; by the type or action spectra of the microorganism; and by a variety of design and operating factors that affect the delivered UV dose to the microorganism.

IUVA find that the viruses can be disinfected much by applying UVC light to many surfaces that are already open. UVC light whose wavelengti is between 200 and 280nm can kill at least two coronaviruses that are near-relatives of covid-19, sch as 1) SARS-CoV-1[ii] and 2) MERS-CoV[iii].The disinfective effectiveness of UVC light actally depends some important factors such as exposure time or the ability of UVC light to reach the viruses in water, air or surface of materials.
uvc led light with wavelength between 200 and 280nm
UVC systems have been proven to be safe when they are used properly. For the UVC light whose wavelength is between 200nm and 280nm, they can cause serious sunburn hurt on your skin or photokeratitis on cornea if they are used in a wrong way.

Some UVC devices also produce ozone during their operation, others produce light and heat like an arc welder. For these reasons, appropriate safety compliance must be stressed in operations manuals for user training.

Although there are a wide range of UVC systems on the market for disinfection, there is no uniform performance standards for users to check. the IUVA urges end users to pay attention to evicence of third party testing and certification of device materials and electrical components such as NSF, UL, CSA, DVGW-OVGW,etc.

Currently,  cooperating with some other national standars organizations in the lighting and healthcare industry, IUVA members are working hard to compile disinfection criteria for international healthcare workers, which will help them fight against varied drug resistant organisms and covid-19 variants.
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