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A brief introduction about COB and SMD LED packaging technology and their market in the year 2021

The development of led lights market results in the growth of LED packaging market. Basicall, LED packaging products are mainly categorized into SMD and COB chips. It is estimated that 95% of LED devices are made of SMD LEDs. Currently, the SMD LED family main covers 2835 and 3030, there will be more serious homogeneity and market competitions.

COB (chip on board) is an on-board chip packaging technology that can only simplify production process but also reduce thermal resistance and better heat dissipation. Compared with SMD LED chips, COB LED chips can reduce the production costs during the process of packaging &optical engine module manufacturing and light distribution. Also, the thermal resistance of COB package chip is much lower than that of SMD LED. So, the COB packaging chip has longer life cycle. Based on the technology of COB packaging, COB LED light is a surface light source with larger viewing angle and easier adjustment to reduce the loss of light refraction.

In recent years, smart lighting market has been becoming bigger and bigger. Signify, Opple, NVC Lighting and more famous players have been kept launching smart lighting items.COB LED has been introduced much to smart lighting market.  In the market of health and education, COB technology has been also applied to healthy lighting, such as LED table lamps for reading room and office, the COB emitters can achieve non-flickering, no electromagnetic radiation, low energy consumption, high lighting performance and high color rendering index for display.

On international market, COB LED technology is still dominated by international giants in Europe, north America,etc. However, Chinese manufacturers are rapidly developing to popularize the COB technology in terms of commercial lighting market and home lighting market so as to drive the market requirement.
The ranking positions of global LED packaging players in the year 2021

In the year 2021, Japanese manufacturer Citizen still takes the lead in COB packaging. CREE keeps holding No.2 position.  CREE is the only manufacturer in the world that uses SiC as LED epitaxial substrate.CREE still focuses on high-end high-power products such as street lights, outdoor high-power lighting,etc through distribution channels.

Lumileds takes a dominant position in the mobile flash market besides holding an important position in lighting market as core supplier of Signify.

Other top 10 COB packaging manufacturers include Ledteen, Bridgelux, Lightning, TongYiFang, Samsung LED, Hongli and Luninus. Bridgelux is also developing rapidly in the COB market. After merging with Kaistar, Bridgelux keeps widening its COB product cateogory so as to achieve obvious growth in COB revenue.
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