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Violeds technology from Seoul Viosys has been proven to disinfect Omicron variant in one second

the experimental test to sterilize Omicron variant
Seoul Viosys has been making different sterilization experiments using its Violeds technology since 2019. Violeds is a clean technology that prevents the growth of viruses and bacteria with UVC LED, which has sterilizing and deodorizing power. Not to mention air purifiers and air conditioners, this technology can also be used for air conditioning systems of buildings and automobiles, reducing the possibility of infection caused by airborne droplets and keeping the 
indoor environment safe by circulating internal air.

In July 2021, in a joint experiment with a research team at Korea University, it was confirmed that Violeds sterilized (inactivated) the Delta variant (SARS-CoV-2: B.1.617.2) 99.3% in one second. Seoul Viosys bio research team released research data that the air purifying sterilizer with Violeds technology applied could lower the risk of airborne infection by one-thirtieth. In November 2021, Seoul Viosys provided free air purifying sterilizers to 300 small business stores that have been barely managing to earn their living during the COVID-19 pandemic, and no confirmed cases have been found in any of the stores where the air purifying sterilizers are installed according to a survey of the store owners.

Recently, after finishing making the Omicron sterilization test at the Virology Research Institute of Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul Viosys announced an experimental result confirming that its Violeds solution can disinfect 99.99% Omicron Variant (SARS-CoV-2 Variant: B.1.1529) in one second, which has been spreading around the world.

Based on its successful result of Omicron test, Seoul Viosys keeps developing its Violeds technology in order to sterize the emerging covid-19 variants, such as Deltacron.
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