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Teehon invite you to our booth at Autopromotec in Italy in May

Autopromotec is considered one of the most specialized international trade show in Europe: from tires to car service, from workshop equipment to spare parts.

This exhibition shows products such as automotive accessories, automotive services, and products, automotive technologies and solutions, parts and tools, auxiliary accessories and equipments, heavy and light machinery etc.

From May 22th to 26th, 2019, Teehon will showcase of our novel items that are specially designed for European market, such as the super bright LED light bars with special projector lens.
Teehon showcases some novel items at Autopromotec in Italy

Wecome to meet us there and discuss further on the venune.

1)Show Dates and Hours

Wednesday, 22.05.  09:00 AM– 18:00 PM
Thursday, 23.05.  09:00 AM – 18:00 PM
Friday, 24.05.  09:00 AM– 18:00 PM
Saturday, 25.05.  09:00 AM – 18:00 PM
Sunday, 26.05.  09:00 AM– 16:00 PM

2)Venue in Bologna, Italy

Bologna Fair District

Costituzione - Piazza Costituzione
Michelino - Via Michelino
Calzoni - Via Calzoni 15
Nord - Rotonda Canè

3) Our booth no: 
C91 of Pavilion 22
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