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CREE is developing newest silicon carbide semiconductor device technology for electric vehicles

Delphi Technologies, a car propulsion solution provider, and Cree will cooperate with it to introduce silicon carbide semiconductor device technology to enable faster, smaller, lighter and more powerful electronic systems for electric vehicles (EV).

Cree silicon carbide-based MOSFET (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor) technology along with traction drive inverters Delphi Technologies , DC/DC converters and chargers will enlarge driving range and shorten charging times of EVs, while also lowering weight, saving space and reducing cost. At the beginning, the Cree silicon carbide MOSFETs will be used in  800 Volt inverters of Delphi Technologies for a premium global vehicle manufactureres. 
Production will rise high enough in 2022.

Richard F. Dauch, CEO of Delphi Technologies, commented, “Our collaboration with Cree will create a significant benefit to automakers as they work to balance meeting stricter global emissions regulations with consumer appetite for electric vehicles. Overcoming driver anxiety related to electric vehicle range, charging times and cost will be a boon for the industry.”

The application of silicon carbide-based power solutions is growing fast across the car market as the industry is trying to  make its shift from internal combustion engines to EVs.
CREE is working on newest silicon carbide-based MOSFET for electric vehicles
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