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The latest portable UVC LED sterilizer developed by Teehon technical team for vehicle and office

First and foremost, follow the simple instruction that came with our latest portable uvc led sterilizer.

Keep it straight on the stand near clutch in a car or any steady place in a roon. This uvc LED sterilizer works best in a flat, horizontal, and upward position. If you need to use it on something like a wall or mirror, it can be used vertically, just be sure to keep it aimed directly at the surface, so its lights will not hurt your eyes.

Push the button on the top of the uvc led sterilizer for about 3 seconds, continuously audible beeper sounds can be heared for 10 seconds, the UVC led will shine for about 10 seconds and shut off automatically 

When the UVC light whose wavelength is 265nm hits microbes for several minutes, the light disrupts the bonds that hold their DNA together. Without working DNA, bacteria and viruses cant replicate themselves or even perform normal cell functions and say the colony dies off. 

Do not shine it on people, animals, or near anyones eyes. It wont kill you like it will do on bacteria but your eyes can be severely damaged. 

These uvc led sterilizers are most effective on flat smooth surfaces. They only work where uvc light hits, so this is not a solution to your blending sponge woes. But for counter surfaces, manicure tools, and other smooth objects, this uvc led sterilizer in 360 disinfection can kill over 99 percent of all microbes.

It takes about 20 seconds to be effective. Think of it like ironing--if you pass it over at lightning speed, it wont work.

With built-in lithium battery whose capacity is 600mAH, this UVC LED sterlizer can also be handy to travel with, as you can use them to ensure your hotel linens are clean and sterile. 
portable uvc led sterilizer for automobile and office

This mini and portable uvc sterilizer whose size is 13(height)*6.3(diameter)CM, 9*0.2w UVC led chips are installed into a durable diecast aluminum housings, it can kill any viruses whose potency is 8.9×105 pfu/mL within 2 meters. 

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