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Ultra slim diecast aluminum housing led light bar with 15 flashing patterns for driving and warning

Whether you are driving on the countryside road, pulling up to the construction site, towing, plowing, or even parking, you need to get the attention of vehicles and pedestrians around you. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a strobing warning light bar for your trucks, jeeps or SUV. 

Our latest ultra slim strobe multi color led light bar series are made of 3030 SMD LEDs,  featuring dual purpose of driving illumination and strobing warning for wide angle of 120 degrees with variable automatic flashing patterns. Flasing colors can be custom-made for different applications purpose according to specific order requirements. Equipped with an exterior LED driver unit (extra EMI modules can be added as per request to improve electromagnetic compatibility), this series is available with optional standard lengths of diecast aluminum housings in terms of 7", 14",20" and 26". Longer lengths can be custom-made for specific orders. 
a demonstration of ultra slim strobe led light bar with variable flashing patterns
this is the photo of exterior led driver unit

The exterior LED driver unit  and optional exterior EMC module for this multi color led strobe light bar

Please click the following demo and watch a short movie about the amber white color flashing patterns in the dark room. Other colors such as red,blue colors are also available if needed.
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