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7 inch rear chase light bars in white and amber color for safe off-road driving

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For exciting off-road driving, illumination is always not enough for the passion of off-road driving, but you will find insufficient space to install more chase lights onto limited space of off-road vehicle when you consider the crucial issue of safety for you and your off-road group.

Our 7" ultra slim amber white double color led light bar will be your good choice to add the right lamps at the right place at the back of off-road car.

Made of  42pcs of 1W 3030 SMD LEDs, this ultra slim led light bar is 18.3*2.6*4.2 in size, which is easy to be mounted at the rear of your vehicle to increase the rear light output in white color at night, especially add illumination in harsh weather conditions, so that your vehicle can been found by other drivers behind you.

However, you can switch the white color light bars to amber color easily when exploring a forest trail in heavy fog, or kicking up some heavy dust at the dunes, this short and ultra slim double color led light bar can flash in amber color to penetrate the dust and fog to provide sufficient rear warning. The drivers behind you will be much easier to control the car distance and slow down to avoid collision depending on the driving speed.

Faced with actual lighting needs at the back, basically, it is more popular to choose flood beam pattern for wider attention and illumination while avoiding blinding the eye sights of drivers for the purpose of rear chase light bars.

Our 7 amber white double color chase light bar with the whole flood beam optics can throw about 70 degrees wide range beam, making it an ideal broad mid-distance auxiliary. The 3000k amber light can easily penetrate any sand and fog.
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