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The common installation locations most drivers will choose to mount the off-road led work lamps

When drivers choose auxiliary led work lamps for installations, most of them will forget the issues of installation locations because they will think the led work lamps can be installed anywhere easily. 

In theory, it is true that the led auxiliary lights can be mounted easily onto any enough space with mounting fixing. However, there are different benefits and shortcomings for different installations.
front installations of our off-road led work lights on jeep
Basically speaking, most of the people will choose the following locations to mount the led work lights for retrofit tuning, such as bumper, top of the roof,near the windshield,A-pillar, on the engine compartment, back of a vehicle, even side of vehicle.

The space near the bumper is simplest and most place to mount the off-road led light as simple as a little drilling and the right hardware fixing.

The placement near to the ground makes it perfect location to improve the illumination at night and in foggy weather. But, this location will not help much shed much light on new wider areas because the installed off-road led work lamps cannot interfere the shooting angle and direction of your existing OEM headlights.

More and more people install their led spot lights onto the top of vehicle. You can install as many as off-road led lights onto the top as you like only there are enough space. The lights can shoot as far as they can at night, but you occupy your space that are used for rail, and you need to buy special-purpose hardware mounting kits for secured installation. In some countries, you cannot turn on the super brights all the way because the lights may blind the eyesights of opposite drivers.

For maximum area lighting during high-speed off-road driving,a combination of spot and flood above the windshield on the A-pillar mount is the best choice.This mounting solution affords the greatest difference between your OEM headlights and your aftermarket lights at lower space, casting illumination in a far and wider area. However, if your car is in area with few wide open spaces, it may not be the best way to maximize your vision.

Another common place for modification installation is near the windshield, it is a good way to boost visibility to the sides at night. However, a few caveats will have to been left on the off-road vehicle after the windshield-mounted lights are mounted. And you cannot choose the big and high power led work light in order to avoid blocking vision to the sides of the windshield depending on personal driving style. 
loosely mounting is not allowed on engine compartment
Sometimes, some drivers like installing their led work lamps on engine compartment, especially on some rally cars. You have to consider the issue of frequent bumping and heat heat dissipation after the lights are mounted there. The off-road led work lights can work well as auxiliary above OEM headlights, but you need to adjust their shining angle well in order to avoid divert your vision at crowded area.
mounting the led light bar on side of trailer
Most often, just a few people install their led work lamps at the side of their cars. Only heavy duty trucks and trailers drivers likes to install the lights there because they lights will be used as led auxiliary lights for emergency purpose when the OEM driving lights fail at night. 

In Scandinavian area, northern Canada and Russia, it is always very dark in the whole day in winter. The drivers will have to stop their trucks and trailers on high roads if their OEM driving lights are not enough bright in rainy days or foggy weather. The side-way installation will improve the side illumination much better to improve the safety for drivers and warning for other trucks at the back. However, you cannot install above 2 lamps at the side because there are not much space to install, and the too super bright lighting may blind the nearby pedestrians or other animals to result in accidents.
installing the 40w led work lamp on the back grille of jeep
More and more people are making the mounting on the top grille or back bumper at the back of their jeep and SUV. You can find enough space to mount the lights easily,but most of the time, you cannot turn on the lights, especially in downtown or crowded traffic jams. Some drivers may install dual color or triple color led strobe lights there for the purpose of led chase lights or led reversing lights. So the eye-catching off-road led work lights may not been seen at night, which means your expense may be just a decoration on your expensive jeep or SUV in the daytime.

We suggest you make the installations in professional auto tuning shop considering safety, wonderful driving experience and protection on your expensive off-road or specialized vehicles. 

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