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Epistar Develops G9 Technology to Eliminate Heat Dissipation Issues


The pace in which flip-chips are integrated into LED lights and backlighting products in 2014 has caught the eyeballs from the industry. LED package manufacturer Epistar showed their new G9 capsules which use Pad Extension Chip (PEC) and HV LED technology during the Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2014 last week.

Lighting efficacy is 70lm/w with flux of 200lm and CRI of 80. PEC has a high package density and driver power. It is suitable for introduction into next generation LED lights. PEC does not require wire bonding, has low thermal resistance, and fast thermal conductivity, said Epistar. It is able to support high voltage currents and over-drive.G9 LED bulbs on the market only reach 100 lumens, but Epistar has developed products that reach 200lm especially for their clients.


In the past, LED manufacturers tend to have heat dissipation problems when using G9 bulb applications. Use of PEC technology lowers interface thermal resistance and increases speed of thermal conductivity. In addition, increased HV LEDs efficacy allows G9 bulbs to reach brighter illuminiation effects and solve heat dissipation problems.

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