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Grote released innotative automotive LED lights for its trucks and 4X4D vehicle


Grote has released several new automotive LED lights in white colors for truck and 4x4 vehicle.
At the Mid-America Trucking Show, Grote Industries Inc introduced several LED lighting products including a WhiteLight LED work lamp, dual-mode military lighting and ergonomic interior lighting.

Truck at Baja

One of the highlights was a 6000 lm lighting array that competed in last falls brutal Baja 1000 race. The WhiteLight array not only helped the team to navigate the dust-choked, night portion of the race, it relied on superior technology to cool the lamps internal heat, rather than traditional solutions, such as fans.

Baja truck close-up

"The heavy-duty, off-road market has been waiting for LED forward lighting and LED work lamps, and Grote will deliver them in a matter of months, not years," said Dominic Grote, company vice-president of sales and marketing.

Forward lighting prototype

Meanwhile, Grote is going to deliver warm WhiteLight LED lights to the market, which rely on advanced optics and spectral technology to provide a bright, but pleasant and soothing light that reduces stress and provides best viewing comfort. "You might call it ergonomic lighting," Grote said.


Grotes military level LEDs offer dual operating modes: standard, WhiteLight, illumination mode; and tactical or blackout mode, which uses a combination of red/white or blue/white color to allow soldiers to see, but remain less visible to the enemy. The military lighting line also emphasizes the use of night-vision technology.

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