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Everlight Electronics LED fog light source features 5600K color temperature


EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a leading player in the global LED industry, puts its three decades of experience in developing LED components into its latest Argus series LED fog light source. This product is capable of providing a clear forward shining when driving in dense fog or heavy rains. Combined with the color temperature of sunlight (5600K), the front LED fog light increases the drivers ability to view better contrasts. The Argus series combining the function of fog light and daytime running light will be put onto the market in 2014 soon.


LED fog light sources featuring high lighting efficiency and uniformity give you infinite horizons

Similar to general lighting, automotive light has a long history from the earliest kerosene lamps to halogen light to the most popular HIDs of today. Along with the popular applications in lighting, LED is making its way into car products. As the "eye" of a car, car lights are the most important factors to driving safety and developed from satisfying nighttime lighting needs to taking care of driving safety 24-7. The LED head lamps and adaptive front lighting system, such as those installed on Audi A7, A8 and BMW M3, M4, as well as commonly seen LED brake lights and indicator lights not only show the unequaled ability of LEDs in energy saving and environmental protection, but also suggest that the use of LEDs improves the selling point and value of products themselves.


This year, EVERLIGHT is mass producing new high-power Argus single-chip LED fog light sources. In addition to the traditional 3.5x3.5mm package, the Argus comes with 2.5x2.5 and even 1.5x1.5 single-chip packages to make the LED fog light modules more compact.


Therefore, the light energy using the diffusion area in a reflective design is not lowered, and thus, the light efficiency and in turn the flexibility of space design are greatly improved. In the Argus single-chip series, the lens and chipset are put through rigorous optical reflection tests to improve color temperature and uniform halo effect. Regarding brightness performance, the single-chip module running on 1W produces a lighting effect as high as 150lm. EVERLIGHT will meet rigorous requirements of zero defects like in car manufacturing as well as a global team of professionals to build a milestone for car lighting market.


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