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GE lighting donates more than LED lights at Olympic Games Rio 2016


Olympic Games Rio de Janerio 2016
American GE Lighting has helped monitor athletes performance with LED biosensors at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio and its projects there invovles more than lighting venues.


The American lighting giant covered more than four sectors in the Rio Olympics including lighting, healthcare, energy and digital performance management.


Having been one of The Olympic Partner (TOP) sponsors for 10 years, the company has more than 1,000 infrastructure projects valuing US $1.5 billion. GE Lighting has took 170 projects at the Rio Olympics alone.


Until now, GE lighting has donated more than 1,600 smart LED lights that were installed in Flamengo Park and Lapa in Rio that has reduced half of energy consumption at these sports venues.


LED lights are now capable of more than lighting sports venues, it can even be embedded in biosensors to monitor athlete performance visually.Various sensors were included in the device to track atheletes acceleration, muscle activity, and heart rate.


To create the imagination of athletes painting their performances, GE lighting made a variety of sensor rigs designed to capture several important factors including acceleration, muscle activity, and heart rate.


With the data complied, GE lighting is able to control some of the light parameters, such as intensity, color combination, and frequency. The sensor inputs are recorded and transformed 240 times per second to reflect the actions of the lighting is accurate.


The LEDs are then turned into digital paint when recorded under slow motion and long exposure photography, turning athlete’s physical performance into visual information.


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