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300 Watt Portable LED Work Area Light Cart


The 300 Watt Portable LED Work Area Light cart mounted LED work area light from Larson Electronics gives operators a highly portable source of powerful illumination that can withstand the rigors of operation in demanding environments. Featuring dual LED light heads mounted atop a wheelbarrow style cart, this unit is powerful, rugged, and very easy to maneuver around the work space. Each 150 watt LED lamp produces 14,790 lumens of output for a combined total of 29,580 lumens capable of illuminating 36,000 square feet of work space.


300 Watt Portable LED Work Area Light Cart 

Each lamp features heavy gauge aluminum construction, finned housings for effective heat control, unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, and Cree XLamp-XPG® emitters for the highest reliability and performance. Each lamp is independently adjustable both vertical and horizontal, allowing operators to adjust the heads for the best coverage. These lamps are waterproof, highly resistant to damage from vibrations and impacts, and carry a 50,000 hour operational life rating, making them far longer lived and more reliable than incandescent or HID lamps.

The portable light cart is fabricated from light weight aluminum and features a pair of integral handles for easy maneuvering and solid rubber wheels for high durability and no issues with flat tires. The entire lamp assembly can be removed from the cart, aiding in transporting the cart from one site to the next and allowing operators to disassemble the system to fit it through tight entry ways whereupon it can then be reassembled. Included with this cart is 200 feet of heavy duty SOOW cord to provide ample length for moving the system around large work spaces. The 300 Watt Portable LED Work Area Light is designed to run on standard 120-277 VAC current commonly used in most industrial/commercial work places and is ideal construction, marine, and industrial operations where durability and reliability is critical.

“The 300 Watt Portable LED Work Area Light cart adds to our increasing number of ruggedly designed portable lighting solutions,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “Operators will benefit from the bright white light, with lower amp draw, more vibration tolerance and reduced maintenance costs. These portable light carts are rated for wet areas and are easily deployed for temporary maintenance operations where general area lighting is not available.”

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