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Epistar announces its LED business plan for the year 2018

Epistar LED chip business plan for the year 2018
Taiwan-based LED chip supplier Epistar announces that it market focus for 2018 will be at five segments—back lighting, high-end LED lighting, infrared application, automotive led lights, and innovative digital display. 

The LED light industry used to be one of the four worst performing industries in Taiwan. Over the recent years, new technologies have been brought onto market and the industry once again gained attention. Most of Taiwanese LED lights companies reported increased profits this year after Chinese companies stopped cutting their product prices. Innovations such as Mini LED and Micro LED also encourags the interests of the market. 

In the past, Taiwanese LED companies started their businesses by producing LED lights products. The global LED lights market turned into a red ocean after the Chinese government supported companies in China with a huge amount of big investments. The rise of the Chinese LED industry did not just affect a part but the whole LED chip supply chain. Only until recently the situation changed because they are moving focus from LED to semiconductor technology.

Tier 1 Taiwanese LED chips manufacturers are finding solutions to differentiate themselves from Chinese competitors. To some extent, it is urgent and necessary in order to go through this hardship.

Currently, only Osram and Epistar have the patented technology to supply RBG Micro LED chips. That is a good starting point for Epistar.

Among RGB LED chips, red LEDs are the hardest to produce. They are made of non-transparent substrates and the processes are more complex and complicated than those of producing blue and green LEDs. Price wise, the price of a red LED is roughly equivalent to the combined price of a blue LED and a green LED. So, the yield of red LED manufacturing will be the key. Epistar takes pride in its proprietary manufacturing technologies of red LED.

With that as a big part of its competitiveness, Epistar processes semiconductor materials and turn them into other high-margin, niche applications.

The other advantage Epistar has to respond to different and fast-growing market demands is its capacity that creates economies of scale and makes the cost down by technology improvement. Also, it has adequate intellectual property rights to raise the reliability of its products, protect its customers, and collaborate with major multinational corporations.

In the near future, backlight application, high-end LED lighting, infrared application, automotive led lights, and high-grade digital display will be five key focuses for Epistar.

More interdisciplinary collaboration is required to drive the development of Micro/Mini LED forwards and make breakthroughs.

Epistar will continue its development to be a high-tech company devising new solutions and technologies, and LED chip will still be its main product for the next three to five years.
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