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The latest market update about 3030 SMD LED in China

The mid-power 3030 SMD LED package items in the Chinese market saw great price drop in March 2018, and high-power ceramic-substrate LEDs saw little price drop, while prices of other products kept unchanged.

According to a latest market report, high-power ceramic-substrate LED package products (maximum 1000mA) continued to undergo a small price drop of 0.8% in March. As for mid-power products, prices of 3030 LED package products declined by 5.2% as Chinese suppliers focus on the promotion of products.

Actually, Chinese suppliers still kept improve product performance. For example, Nichia has introduced Optisolis, a new ultra-high-CRI mid-power 3030 SMD LED, with a Ra above 95 and a R9 above 80. This product has no UV radiation, so it is suitable for lighting in museums and art galleries which require high-CRI and less UV radiation. Besides, it can be used in retail lighting etc.

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