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LED Demand and Supply Under Pressure for 2014


The market is focused on the moment that LED industry can leave oversupply behind. China LED chip manufacturers growing number of new MOCVD equipment in 2014 will no doubt put pressure on the LED industry demand and supply. Chinas large LED chip manufacturer Sanan Optoelectronics, and vertically integrated Elec-Tech International Co. (ETI) both have expansion plans, while Nationstar Optoelectronics Co. is planning to invest in a second phase LED chip expansion project.

Chinas MOCVD market has growth potential in 2014, due to increased lighting demands, and local government MOCVD equipment subsidies,according to estimates by Goldman Sachs. At the same time Chinese manufacturers are increasing capital under the consideration of adding production capacity. Goldman Sachs raised its forecast for Chinas new MOCVD equipment in 2014 to grow at a Year-over-Year (YOY) rate of 14% to 125 machines. The industry is also actively observing whether China LED manufacturers increased MOCVD will add demand and supply stress.
According to statistics, Chinas two largest manufacturers Sanan Optoelectronics and ETI are projected to increase 50 and 40 MOCVD equipment respectively in 2014. Nationstar has also announced its plan of injecting more than RMB 600 million (US$ 98.2 million) in a second phase LED chip expansion project. The company is expected to raise RMB 500 million for the project. Once the factory is completed, LED epitaxal wafer annual production is expected to reach 4.11 million sheets, which will all be used for LED chip manufacturing.
In addition, Chinese manufacturers including Tsinghua Tongfan Company, HC Semitek Corp., Silan Azure Company, Zhongke Semiconductor Lighting Company also have production capacity expansion plans. Taiwanese silicon wafer manufacturer Epistar also hopes to add new MOCVD equipment in China, followed by vertically integrated Taiwanese manufacturer Lextar expanded MOCVD production capacity in China.

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