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Latest automotive LED applications from LG and Everlight were brought to Electronica 2018

From November 13th to 16th, several world leading LED manufactures joined Electronica 2018 in Munich Germany to announce their latest technology developments and innovative applications. Korea-based LG Innotek and Everlight from Taiwan both joined that trade show and showed their LED products and applications.
LG and Everlight at Electronica 2018
LG Innotek brought its automotive and electronic components for electric and smart vehicles during the show in order to increase its presence in the European market. The company announced the C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) module which applies the mobile communication technology used in smart phones to communicate between vehicles and objects and the SVM (Surround View Monitoring) system which monitors the neighbouring vehicle in all directions by four camera modules.

LG Innotek also showed LED surface light source modules and a 15-watt wireless charging transmitter/receiver module for vehicles and mobile devices and thermoelectric semiconductor. Its LED surface light source module can be integrated into different designs of automotive tail lights to meet the requirement of the concept vehicle.

Also, Everlight demonstrated its latest automotive, infrared and lighting products and modules including an ADB matrix headlamp, a Mini/Smart Multi Array Rear Lamp and an infrared heartbeat smartwatch.
The ADB matrix intelligent LED headlamp of Everlight is equipped with a CCD sensor to detect oncoming vehicles and adjusts light source accordingly to avoid interference. Everlight new Mini Rear Lamp was produced with fine pitch display components which can achieve a resolution of 27.63 Pixels per Inch and its Adaptive Rear Lamp System can be flexibly adjusted to show figures and texts for communicating messages when necessary.

Everlight also showcased infrared products including transmitting and receiving components in different sizes, radiant intensities and viewing angles that can be widely applied in e-books, smart boards, oximeters and household vacuum cleaners,etc.
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