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SMD 3030 LED chips sell much cheaper in Chinese market at the end of year 2018

The prices of mainstream SMD 3030 LED chips in the Chinese market have declined in last November, 2018.

The average prices of high- and mid-power 3030 LED droped 3.4% and 2.9% respectively, while prices of mid-power LEDs and high-power ceramic-substrate LED chips kept the same.

In the automotive LED lights market, where the technical barriers and profit margins are a bit higher, the price drop was smaller than in that in the general LED lighting market. Generally speaking, automotive LED lights  used by joint-venture auto makers see price declines of 1%-2% quarter by quarter, while those used by Chinese companies is under bigger price fall, depending on the market requirement.

LED lights suppliers try to improve lighting performance not only in general lighting market, but also in the automotive aftermarket share. As LED is more and more introduced to the market and the concept of smart car becomes popular, many LED packaging companies such as OSRAM, Lumileds, Nichia, Lextar, LITE-ON, etc. have introduced LED encapsulated products for laser headlights that are compatible with ADB system. With a sensing system, the vehicle can detect other cars and pedestrians, and control the LEDs to achieve multiple shadow areas to prevent glare.
3030 SMD led sells much cheaper on the market
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