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top revenue players of LED package manufactuers in the year 2018 around the world

Many LED manufactuers faced a very hard year in 2018, all in all, which arouse from the heavy weight of oversupply in slow market, the unexpected US-China trade disputs, resulting in a terribly poor business performance around the world. It is estimated that the revenue of LED packaging companies was up to US$ 18.4 billion, a minor growth of 3.1 % over 2017.
Global LED encapsulation players ranking in 2018

The revenue rankings for the top ten LED packaging manufacturers did not change by much starting from 2017: Nichia, Osram and Lumileds kept on the top three players, while Taiwan-based Everlight and Lite-On and Chinese MLS and NationStar were still within the fold. However, judging from the revenue scale of each mentioned company, only Seoul Semiconductor performed better among the top ten. Other manufacturers generally had the same or declining revenues.

Besides the trade dispute hitting market demand for led lights, analyses show the main reason of falling price pressure was caused by total oversupply in the industry, which cut the revelant revenues down further. Many LED packaging suppliers made large reductions in prices upon expansion of production scale and even fought fiercely for orders from first-tier manufacturers to consume the huge stocks. This led to explosive revenue growth for many second-tier LED manufacturers, but still nearly no revenue for major first-tier manufacturers.

Noticably, Seoul Semiconductor performs excellently. Its backlights and automotive led lights successfuly entered into the supply chains of big clients, and whose revenue continued to grow. Lite-On, on the other hand, performed well in infrared LEDs and automotive led lightings.

End user market will finally become better as the US-China trade dispute calms down earlier in 2019 . It is predicted that overall LED packaging revenue to reach US$19.9 billion, an 8.2% growth YoY over 2018.
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