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Osram is improving car lighting with newest blue laser diodes

The second generation of multi-mode blue laser diodes doubles the illumination range compared to old LED solutions that can shoot up to 600 meters and simplifies the system design simultaneously, when used in the high beam LED auxiliary light for a car.

Driving at dusk or at night makes the eyes of driver much tired and reduces their ability to focus on something. The said second generation solution for high beam auxiliary light that lights the roads further than conventional high beam, Osram PLPT9 450D_E A01 laser diodes makes driving at night safer.
the PLPT9 450D_E A01 laser diode help auxiliary high beam shoot more bright and further
Regarding brightness, laser diodes can provide more advantages than traditional LEDs. At a typical operating current of 2.2 A, the blue PLPT9 450D_E A01 laser diode is up to an optical output of 3.5 W and emits blue light with a wavelength of 447 nm. By appropriate optics, the laser diodes light is shot at a point only a few micrometers in diameter. A special phosphor converter converts the blue light into white light required for the purpose of car front lighting . Its lumen is three times higher than that of an traditional car LED light. In comparison, the laser diodes 600 cd/mm2 while traditional LEDs achieve around 200 cd/mm2. In this way, the car lights can be designed and built much smaller than before at the same level of lighting output.

The certified PLPT9 450D_E A01 laser diodes is approved for an operating temperature range of -40°C to 120°C. Compared to the first generation with three pins, the TO90 package has only two pins, which achieves much easier connection and excellent heat dissipation. Owning to the laser diodes compact dimensions of only 9 mm in diameter and a height of < 4.5 mm , car headlights can be produced much smaller in the future. This makes new design possible and imporves performance values for applications in vehicle headlights.

The PLPT9 450D_E A01 laser diodes enriches the wide range category of products from Osram Opto Semiconductors for the automotive lighting sector. Based on the aim of the target application, car lights developers can decide whether an LED or a laser diodes solution is best.
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