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self-driving application requires advanced LED technology

advanced LED technology is used for automomous driving
Many general LED lights factories have shifted their production to automotive led lights applications for higher profit. The development of self driving technology and next generation automobile also makes new requirements for automotive lighting as well as automotive displays, which are new opportunities for LED lights manufacturers.

Exterior LED lighting is much more important for driverless cars, because they need to pass information and communicate with each other as well as remind pedestrians of their movement. Advanced LED technology enables cars to provide details when they are going to turn or stop. For example, tail lights using Mini LED module can provide personalized and varied information. LED lights manufacturers including Everlight, Lite-On and Lextar have launched their conceptual Mini LED tail light products at international shows since 2019.

Meanwhile, matrix LED headlights are regarded as a trend following self-driving vehicle development. Each LED pixel integrated in the matrix LED headlights can be separately controlled for projecting images, signals and more to send information. Working closely with Hella, Osram and Everlight  are both working on the said LED headlights technology.

Besides, current developing LED technologies such as Mini LED backlight and Micro LED also achieve a wider range of applications for automotive displays. Head-up display (HUD) and transparent display applying Micro LED for automotive applications are also focuses for LED films. 

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