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Nichia and Infineon workes together to introduce Micro LED technology into automotive front lights

Based on Nichia LED and LED driver IC from Infineon, the latest automotive front light made by Micro LED can achieve safer driving and innovative application. They announce that they have started the development of a high-definition (HD) light engine with more than 16,000 Micro LEDs for vehicle front light applications.
Micro LEDs are used for automotive front lights

According to Nichia, the Micro LED-based matrix light will provide a resolution about 180 times higher compared to current led front light, which in turn can achieve improved safety features. When necessary, HD light can warn the driver of dangers by highlighting people or objects on the roadside. It can project marks on the road to help the driver turn around when the roads are not clear enough.

Infineon says that its chip can control and diagnose all 16,000 Micro LEDs simultanesouly. The new solution will greatly improve energy efficiency as it allows each LED to be turned on only when needed in different beam patterns. 

The start of production of the new HD light engine is planned for 2023 as part of Nichia automotive LED and laser light category.
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