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Foxconn denined the adjustment of its Micro LED R&D team

It was reported that Foxconn had fired its Micro LED R&D team in August 2019. A Chinese online media Smart Display still revealed the news that a Micro LED team under the Foxconn Group was released because of lack of funds for the project of micro LED.
Foxconn Micro LED display
However, Foxconn denied the adjustment of its teams,explaining that the dismissed team does not belong to the Foxconn Group.

Foxconn has been an active player in Micro LED technology development. The company had bought Micro LED transfer technology developer eLux and chip producer Epileds, planning to combine internal resources including AOT, Innolux and Sharp to establish a Micro LED supply chain. Actually, the company has organized at least four to five teams to develop Micro LED display for wearable and mobile applications. In April 2019, Foxconn even announced that it might put Micro LED production lines in its Wisconsin sites.
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