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HELLA will provide more intelligent car led lights and electronic solutions for buses and coaches

Car led lights supplier HELLA said that it would introduce show special-purpose led lamps for buses and coaches on Busworld 2019 , the said products will help achieve more safety and comfort on road. 

The Busworld 2019 will be focusing on VISIOTECH projection technology. It enables communication by light and can thus visually warn other vehicles and pedestrians. HELLA will bring further intelligent lighting systems based on established matrix LED technologies, which provide single and situational lighting of road surfaces.

Another HELLA newest item is the 90 mm LED module R 80. This durable LED headlamp features an innovative reflector design that provides uniform lighting to avoid tiring the driver.

Besies, HELLA presents the Multi Lens Array (MLA) projection module, with which customized welcome programs can be achieved in the inside or outside of vehicles.

Moreover, HELLA will introduce artificial driving noise for electric hybrid and fuel electric vehicles to protect road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and visually impaired people. The new Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) will also be used as well as other key technologies from its broad electronics range, including the 24 Volt intelligent battery sensor and the rain-light sensor.
HELLA designed specific led lights for buses and coaches
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