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Self-cleaning UV-C LED water bottle is a new market trend for UCV LED application

UVC LED sees a big market opportunity in the booming applications of of water disinfection and purification. UV-C LED embedded water bottle is one the growing applications.

In most of the hot-sell UV-C LED bottles, equipped with the bottle cap, a UV-C LED module with Li-Polymer battery can be activated to water disinfection by knocking the cap. The caps are mostly water proof and with USB for charging.

Some products have two purification modes, one for low to medium dirty water which takes about 60 second to reduce up to 99.99% of pathogens and a stronger mode with longer purification time for water sources with medium to high contamination. According to the UV bottle manufactuer, the stronger mode can kill up to 99.9999% of stain with two to three minutes cleaning process.
Tapping the cap of UV-C LED bottle to clean the water
The bottles also provide auto-clean function that turns on autonomously with intervals of every two to four hours for 10 to 20 second cleaning.

It is reported that water sterilization is an important market attraction for UV LED. UV LED factories will develop home appliances with UV-C LED for static and running water disinfection. Compared to running water cleaning, the power requirement for LED is lower for static water. 

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