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The latest stretchable epidermal display on human skin for wide applications

A Chinese research team from Nanjing University in China recently announced their result about successful developing a stretchable light-emitting device called alternating-current electroluminescent (ACEL) displays, this latest device can deliver information on human skin and other surfaces. Safe to users, it looks like a temporary tattoo when operating at low voltage.

According to the information in ACS Materials Letter in October 2019, this device has a sandwiched structure with an electroluminescent layer made of light-emitting microparticles separated in a stretchable dielectric material and two flexible silver nanowire electrodes.
four-digit stopwatch epidermal display demonstration on a volunteer
In the form of ceramic nanoparticles embedded in a rubbery polymer, a new type of dielectric material can help increase the brightness of the device compared with existing ACEL displays. The researchers used this material to make a four-digit stopwatch display mounting onto a volunteer’s hand. The display show clear information under indoor lighting with low voltages.

The researchers believe that the stretchable epidermal display can be suitable for a wide range of applications in smart wearables, soft robotics and human-machine interfaces.
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