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Audi and STMicroelectronics worked much closely for the latest vehicle exterior OLED lighting

Cooperating with STMicroelectronics (ST) who has a broad expertiese in car semiconductors and drivers, Audi is working in efforts to design and commercialize the next generation of innovative car exterior OLED lighting. Both parties aim to release their latest digital OLED technology in Audi car models in the coming year 2020.
Audi and ST working closely on the technology of exterior OLED lighting
Based on Audi creativity and experiences in automotive lighting solutions, the close cooperation between Audi and ST will help achieve more customized and animated lighting patterns by the way of controlling and examining hundreds of individual OLEDs. The said animated patterns will not only acheive flexibility to unique design stylig to Audi models, but also offer more safety value to clients. 

Both parties has the full confidence in their innovation in automotive OLED exterior lighting, claiming they know the quality and creativity demand of this project on the basis of working closely for many years in the premium automotive market.
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