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Apple has acquired more and more new patents for self-driving vhhicle applications

Apple has been acquiring more and more new patents of automotive applications for self-driving vehicle development in terms of its name "project Titan" .

One of the new patents is called "Systems with Synchronized Windows", which describes a LCD integrated car window with adjustable transparency to enhance privacy. By this patented technology, a vehicle window can achieve the change light transmisson and reflectivity to adjust its transparency by an embedded light modulator layer in the name of liquid crystal layer with polarizers. Besides, the vehicle window can interact with the inside and outside light source of a car while includes a display to show images. The window can also be connected with smartphones or tablets to show images on the devices. The light source of the said system can show images onto the vehicle window,too.

Specifically, the described internal and exterior light sources modulated with alternating current that can be turned on and off in invisible high frequency range. The alternating current controlled car lights can improve privacy and reduce glare during the driving. In doing so, the window is still transparent in part because some part of the window is dark during some of the alternating current modulation waveform.

Meanwhile, other patented systems such as actuator and sensor are used to improve vehicle side mirror functions. The actuator can move the mirror into extended position. And the sensor can capture the facial feature towards the mirror when the drivers runs the car.

Illustration about Apple patented technology for self-driving vehicle

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