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The advantages of LED lights in tunnels


Currently, the light source HPS (high pressure sodium) is widely for tunnel lighting, however, deficiencies of its colors, the visual sensitivity characteristics, power specifications, brightness control are there, and the emerging LED tunnel lighting with its excellent performance, especially controllable brightness, overcomes the disadvantages of the high pressure sodium lamp, is becoming the mainstream of todays world tunnel lighting fixtures.


    LED is of a semiconductor light emitting technology. The earliest developed is just red light indicator for electronic devices. With the development of technology, now LED lights can emit lights of various colors, and they are widely used in many types of industries, the main application markets, including traditional markets display and lights, backlight market, street lamps, tunnel lights, off-road LED work lights and led light bar market,LED driving lights market, outdoor landscape lighting and interior lighting market, specialty lighting market. LED  has its unique advantages in terms of  light source tunnel.
    (1) LED tunnel lights feature low power consumption and environment protection, energy saving compared with traditional high pressure sodium lamp, its energy consumption savings of over 40%.
    (2) LED tunnel lights, long life, in the ideal state has 100,000 hours, while the high-pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent tube life span of only 10,000 ~ 30,000 hours.
    (3) LED tunnel lights, high reliability, routine maintenance and repair costs low, mean time between failures (MTBF) of up to 20,000 hours, while the high-pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent tubes, the average time between failures (MTBF) is less than 10 000 hours.
    (4) They reduces the power distribution system (cables, transformers, power distribution boxes, trays, etc.) of the construction costs, for long tunnels, remote power supply situation, cables, distribution facilities, especially large share of the cost ratio, LED tunnel can significantly reduce the energy-saving lamp cables and distribution equipment and other investments.
    (5) LED Tunnel Light can achieve instant start without ballast, easy brightness adjustment, with no glare, start voltage range, etc., which can achieve a variety of energy-saving methods, such as under roads, tunnels traffic intelligently adjust illumination and so on.
    (6) Compared with sodium lamps or fluorescent lamps that are containing mercury, lead, chemical pollutants, LED tunnel light source is a green light without chemical polluting substances.

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