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Chinese LED chips players accelerate micro and Mini LED development and production in 2019

Chinese companies are active in the Micro LED development and production to fight the competitors in Taiwan and South Korea. LED chip producer Sanan Optoeletronics and panel manufacturer BOE say that they are focusing on Mini LED and Micro LED production.
4K Mini LED display

Refond has finished the construction of a Mini LED autonomous production line, it will expand its capacity depending on the market requirement. The company has supplied its Mini LED products to several display producers in mainland China. Refond are suppliers of mini led for Kana and TCL. At 2019 AWE China, Kanka showed its Mini LED backlit TVs. TCL LED backlit TV uses LED display module from Refond.

Refond also showcased Micro LED display at Touch Taiwan based on its proprietary technology in RGB LED chip development. Its Micro LED products had achieved a pixel pitch of 0.49mm , now they are moving towards 0.39mm.

Nationstar provided its products for 4K/8K Mini LED display, currently, its latest Mini LED V2.0 is under verification,scheduled for mass production earlier in the coming year 2020.

It supported TCL 132-inch 4K Mini TV showcased in IFA 2019. Aiming for fine pitch displays, it has started mass production with its P0.9 Mini LED series product. It launched P0.7 Mini LED product in last June, and now it is working on products with finer pitch size.

Hongli focuses much more on Mini LED , it has released more than 20 kinds of  Mini LED products for applications covering VR devices, tablets, gaming monitors, TVs, medical device displays, automotive displays and more.

Sanan had begun 6-inch Micro LED wafer production following its investment in Micro LED and Mini LED program announced in 2Q19. It expects to grab more global market share while it continues to accelerate its development and strenthen strategic partnerships with different clients.

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